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Meme: 101 Women to Read

Saw an article by Nina Allen, and decided to try making it a meme. At first I was going to include webcartoonists since women are underrepresented in comics too, but the original context was the lack of women getting (traditionally) published and reviewed, so including a whole bunch who chose to self-publish may have weakened the argument. As it happened, I didn't have much trouble coming up with 101 traditionally published female novelists.

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lurker meme

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I’m running a test to see who’s reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don’t just post a word and not copy – that’s not as much fun!

Game review: MARDEK

I've just spent the last two months playing the MARDEK series of games. These are three (out of possibly 8) single player, multiple character, tiled, slightly-isometric, turn-based (except for the combat reactions and a couple timed bits), retro, console-style, medievaloid, epic fantasy RPGs that run in the Flash player. They are the sole creation of a guy calling himself Pseudolonewolf (hereafter "PLW"), and can be found on his website FigHunter.com and Kongregate (you can also save the .swf to your harddrive and play them offline). I suspect part of PLW's reason for making these games is to trick people into listening to his story (Ch.3 has you collecting Dreamstones, which are basically text-only cutscenes of events Mardek wasn't present for). It's a big world and epically long story, but not particularly deep or well written (the characters are exaggerated stereotypes who complain about how cliched everything is). If you want spoilers, there's a walkthrough of all three chapters written by PLW on Kongregate, and also a wiki.

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Who writes epic fantasy?

rachelmanija challenged the assertion that epic fantasy is by boys for boys, and wonders if male authors get more support from publishers. So I thought I'd look at the gender ratio in webcomics, since that medium doesn't have gatekeepers to bias what is published.

Disclaimer: I'm looking at webcomics I like, and I have a clear bias towards strong heroines. And this is, of course, only a tiny fraction of all webcomics, so feel free to mention others in the comments.

Italicized titles may not fit your definition of "epic fantasy", NSFW indicates nudity.

Male creators:
Chainmail Bikini
DM of the Rings
Flipside (NSFW)
Looking for Group
Myth Adventures
Order of the Stick
Red Tails

Female creators:
Delve Into Fantasy
Dumnestor's Heroes
The Meek (NSFW)
No Rest for the Wicked
The Phoenix Requiem
Red Tails

That's 7.5 : 9.5, or 44% male. Which is a surprise; I decided to make this post because I thought the women would significantly outnumber the men.

Gollancz 50 Books Meme

(via james_nicoll)

Gollancz has listed its fifty best science fiction and fantasy novels, a list that is overwhelmingly male, palid and dominated by descendants of axe-waving Germanic invaders of my family's home island (Not that there's anything wrong with being Anglo-Saxon). The rules are "bold if you’ve read it, italicise if you own it":

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11/50, which is more than normal for these sorts of lists.

Note that these are the best 50 books published by Gollancz.