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KG's Booklog

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Konrad Gaertner
This blog is mainly so I can put my booklog online instead of posting and emailing it to people I think are interested. In case it isn't obvious, my tastes run mainly to rational series fantasy. I also read a lot of webcomics.

"I still think my magic makes more sense than yours."
-- Lawrence Watt-Evans, The Wizard Lord

"Wicked people never have time for reading. It's one of the reasons for their wickedness."
-- Lemony Snicket, The Penultimate Peril

"I don't want a happy ending, I want more story."
-- Frances Hardinge, Fly By Night

Comments and friends welcome.

Looking for something? All booklog entries:

Key for score value:
5 - buy in hardcover
4 - buy in paperback
3 - buy used
2 - get from library
1.5 - not sure if I'll read the next one
1 - okay, but not worth seeking out
0 - bounce (started, but I couldn't get into it)
-1 - disappointing
-2 - flawed
-3 - couldn't finish
-4 - couldn't even begin
-5 - I can't believe I read the whole thing

Rating position