Konrad Gaertner (kgbooklog) wrote,
Konrad Gaertner

BL: The Emperor's Blades (Staveley, Brian)

Tor (2014) ISBN: 978-07653-3640-8
Score: 2

Start of the Unhewn Throne high fantasy series, about the three kids of an emperor who is killed right before the book starts (thought the heir doesn't learn that until nearly the end). Most of the book focuses on the brutal training of the sons, the heir's being handled by an order of excessively ascetic monks while the younger is being trained as an imperial assassin; the daughter was appointed Minister of Finance and spends her few sections trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to not act like a weak, emotional woman. At least the worldbuilding was interesting: giant birds (nothing says "stealthy assassin" like a 70 foot wingspan), forbidden magic, and a legendary race of emotionless immortals.
Tags: 2014, booklog, staveley; brian
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