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I periodically recommend webcomics to other people, and it occurred to me that it'd be handy to have a master list somewhere with proper links. (The links I use for myself go to the latest page, but that often contains spoilers, so the links I give other people go to the first page or archives.) I hope to add more information to this post in the future (like actual descriptive descriptions).

The "per year" stat counts number of pages posted from January 2013 through December 2013. List updated and links checked January 11, 2014, with new additions bolded. (update in progress)


Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis (156 pages)
Vampire farce set during the French Revolution.

Buck Godot by Phil Foglio (387 pages)
Reprint of a science fiction comic.

Chainmail Bikini by Shamus Young and Shawn Gaston(57 pages)
Fantasy role-playing game comic.

Crimson Dark by David C. Simon (511 pages)
Science fiction about war and politics.

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff (160 pages, second half no longer online)
An adventure/romance about a guy who makes really good tea.

Digger by Ursula Vernon (759 pages)
"A wombat. A dead god. A very peculiar epic."

DM of the Rings by Shamus Young (215 pages)
Lord of the Rings movies viewed as a role-playing game.

Dreamless by Sarah Ellerton and Bobby Crosby (71 pages)
American girl and Japanese boy see through each other's eyes when they sleep.

Garanos by Alex Heberling (488 pages)
High fantasy.

Get Medievel by Ironychan (1186 strips)
Aliens fleeing the mob get marooned in the 14th century.

Indefensible Positions (259 pages)
"A story of Superheroic Philosophy"

Inverloch (764 pages)
High fantasy.

A Miracle of Science (436 pages)
Near-future mad science.

Myth Adventures (165 pages, 156 per year)
Reprint of the graphic novel version of Asprin's Another Fine Myth.

Narbonic (1973 strips)
Contemporary mad science.

The Phoenix Requiem (800 pages)
Victorian-ish fantasy about plague and religion.

reMIND (152 pages)
"a mystical, sci-fi about faith, love and brain transplantation."

Spacetrawler (414 pages)
Slap-stick but dark space opera.

Wooden Rose (221 pages)
"a Victorian fairy tale about love, loss and betrayal, enchanted forests and ancient mythical creatures."

On-going webcomics:

Basic Instructions (726 pages, 143 per year)
Random sarcastic advice.

Bird Boy (42 pages, 16 per year)
Mythic story about a clumsy boy.

Clockworks (154 pages, 27 per year)
Noir-ish steampunk with a role-playing game feel.

Code Name: Hunter (494 pages, 90 per year)
British anthropomorphic urban fantasy.

Darths & Droids (829 pages, 157 per year)
Star Wars viewed as a role-playing game.

Derelict (111 pages, 35 per year)
Story of a girl trying to survive in a post-apocalypse world.

Dr. McNinja (1049 pages, 135 per year)
Story of a doctor who is also a ninja.

Erfworld (397 images + 164 prose updates, 68 per year)
Fantasy strategy game comic.

Everblue (188 pages, 38 per year)
Fantasy story about a world without land.

Family Man (279 pages, 41 per year)
Academia and theology in 18th century Europe. May also contain werewolves.

Flaky Pastry (445 pages, 47 per year)
Silly fantasy story.

Flipside (1866 pages, 182 per year)
High fantasy.

Freefall (2290 strips, 156 per year)
Science fiction about AIs.

Galaxion (352 pages, 51 per year)
"Life. Love. Hyperspace."

Genocide Man (124 pages, 52 per year)
Near future science fiction about mass murder.

A Girl and Her Fed (935 pages, 92 per year)
Urban fantasy about cyborgs and civil liberties.

Girl Genius (1641 pages, 160 per year)
"Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!"

Gunnerkrigg Court (1137 pages, 157 per year)
Science fantasy school story.

Haru-Sari (625 pages, 32 per year)
Elves, catpeople, and terminal illness.

Impure Blood (158, 49 per year)
Steampunk fantasy.

The Interstellar Tea House (280 pages, 104 per year)
Cute science fiction about kids, some of them human.

Lackadaisy (124 pages + 148 extras, 13+26 per year)
Cats running a speakeasy during Prohibition.

Looking for Group (632 pages, 105 per year)
Amoral high fantasy.

Magellan (795 pages, 90 per year)
School for superheroes.

The Meek (147 pages, 4 per year)
Fantasy story involving nudity, violent politics, and book thieves.

Minor Acts of Heroism (113 pages, 23 per year)
Young superheroes.

No Rest for the Wicked (269 pages, 12 per year)
A mix of fairy tales.

Order of the Stick (864 pages, 40 per year)
Fantasy role-playing game comic.

Prequel (182 updates, 43 per year)
Story of a very unlucky catgirl in the Elder Scrolls setting. Not actually a comic but an illustrated prose serial that allows readers to suggest what the characters do next.

The Property of Hate (61 pages, less than a year old)
A girl on a hero's journey.

Red Moon Rising (302 pages, 32 per year)
Dark steampunk.

Red Tails (121 pages, 22 per year)
Anthropomorphic high fantasy.

Roza (178 pages, no updates in 2012, one so far in 2013)
Light fantasy.

Skin Horse (1566 strips, 311 per year)
Urban fantasy about a secret government agency for protecting the rights of non-humans.

Spindrift (60 pages, 42 per year)
High fantasy with racial tensions.

Unsounded (304 pages, 157 per year)
And more high fantasy, with extra magic and undead.

White Noise (212 pages, 2 per year)
Post-apocalyptic science fantasy.

xkcd (1157 images, 157 per year)
Random humor about science and romance.

Officially abandoned:

Shadowgirls (521 pages)
Lovecraft inspired urban fantasy. Archives no longer online.

Storm Corps (279 pages)
Science fiction story about weather and stories. First story arc is finished.

Thunderstruck (779 pages)
Religious urban fantasy. Everything prior to chapter 12 forms a complete story arc.

Possibly abandoned:

Afterlife Blues (214 pages, last update 2011-02-22)
Near-future science fiction.

Alpha Shade (242 pages, last update: 2010-08-24)
Steampunk with some urban fantasy/noir/slice-of-life stuff in the middle.

Breakfast of the Gods (archives gone) by Brendan Douglas Jones (111 pages, finished)
Epic story about cereal mascots.

Chessire Crossing (103 pages, last update: 2008-01-06)
The continuing adventures of Dorothy Gale, Alice Liddel, and Wendy Darling.

Cold Iron Badge (176 pages, last update: 2011-07-18)
Urban fantasy police procedural. Book one is finished.

Dark Red (89 pages, last update: 2009-07-24)
Religious urban fantasy.

Dumnestor's Heroes (483 strips, last update: 2010-01-15)
Fantasy role-playing game comic.

Knowledge is Power (267 pages, last update: 2009-11-26)
Some college students get super powers. Website is currently unregistered.

Metanoia (369 pages, last update: 2011-09-04)
Religious urban fantasy.

The Pale (42 pages, last update: 2011-08-15)
Dark urban fantasy.
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